Victory through Christ

We are just about to complete the second week of Lent and it’s going faster than I thought. It doesn’t feel like a never ending task that is just dragging on; instead, it feels like this is a doable project. Even so, there could be challenges ahead. Why? Because this is not a natural fight; it’s a spiritual battle. 

The enemy doesn’t want you to draw closer to God; and he would not leave you alone as you deny yourself. As a result, there is a conflict; the Apostle Paul describes it this way in Galatians 5:17 GW, “What your corrupt nature wants is contrary to what your spiritual nature wants, and what your spiritual nature wants is contrary to what your corrupt nature wants. They are opposed to each other. As a result, you don’t always do what you intend to do.” When you want to succeed at doing what is right, there is an internal war.

So what do you do? Do you throw in the towel believing it’s impossible task? Definitely not! You need to know that it’s a fight to the finish and that you are on the winning side. Jesus Christ died to secure your victory so the battle has already been won. So when you struggle to do what you desire to do and please God and the corrupt nature wants to take over remember, Philippians 4:13, “I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.”

When Paul wrote this he was referring to the issues he faced in his life; but he was able to be successful in all of his difficulties because of the strength that was available to him though the risen Christ. He learned how to live with much and how to live with little. That is not just for him; when life is good, we bless God and give thanks and when life is not good to us, with tears in our eyes and pain in our hearts, we give thanks also because our strength comes from God. So if you struggle in what you would like to do, don’t give up, Jesus Christ is with you and He will give you strength.

Thought for Today: Friend, don’t give up, you can do it.

Have a blessed day and walk in faith and victory.

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