Hi, I’m Claudette!

My life of faith began at the tender age of twelve. My grandmother was an amazing woman of God who loved the Lord and loved helping people.  She was a big influence in my life. Helping people is something I learned from her. That desire to help others has manifested itself in a life of service. I have been active in the serving the Lord through serving others since I was a child.

Over the years, service has been a big part of my life.  I have served in the local church and also at an organizational level.  Presently, the service that brings me the most joy is my service in a Homeless Shelter where we serve meals to the residents. You never know when God will take a desire to help others and turn it into ministry.  I was trying to help a family with small children who lived in a shelter. The children needed clothes. While getting them help, God connected me with an adult homeless shelter. That ministry began in March of 2016 and continues today.  So I can say that God will take your passion, transform it into ministry and use it to bless others.  

So I believe that the purpose of my life is making a difference. I was a school teacher by profession and I did that every day when I went to work. Yes, like everyone else, I have my challenges. Life’s challenges can become stairs to climb higher. The same way that God used the desire for service, God developed another area of service in my life. God turned my devotional outlet into a book.  So I published my first book, ”From Prison To Palace: Overcoming Challenges and Rising To The Top,” in October of 2018; the second book, “The Love Walk: Walking in the Power of Love,” was published in February of 2021.

Life is about growth; life is about being better that you were last week, last month and last year. The only way to accomplish that is with a victory walk. So at some point, I stopped and embraced the challenges in my life.  Challenges are difficult times, but they present an opportunity for growth and development.   Even victory walks have some pitfalls along the way. When your journey is a victory walk, you may get knocked down, but you won’t be knocked out. My life’s journey is a victory walk. I’m making the choice to walk in victory.

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