Mission Interrupted with Claudette and Lucien

Lucien Rojas is the Apostle and Senior Pastor at International Christian Center in Brooklyn. Apostle Rojas is a Life Coach, Trainer an Speaker, for the John Maxwell Team. He has traveled and ministered throughout the world. Apostle Rojas is the author of Word Force.

There are times in life when all seems well. All is well with your family, your health and your job. Then suddenly and without warning, something goes drastically wrong and your peace of mind is shattered. Your life that was so ordered a moment ago is in turmoil. David had a similar experience in 1 Samuel 30 at Ziklag

David had a real problem. Their mission was successful but their homecoming was a disaster. These men cried like babies when they realized they had lost their wives and children. When there were no tears left, they wanted blood. They decided David’s blood would suffice. What do you do when your closest friends become your worst enemies? David went to God for directions because he had no idea what he should do. Verse 8 says, “And the Lord told him, “Yes, go after them. You will surely recover everything that was taken from you!” So David and his mighty men pursued the enemy that raided their camp. Each man recovered his family and everything that was lost.

Life would be so easy if all you had was one mission. You could put everything into that one mission and live the rest of your life at ease. Unfortunately, life is not like that. Life is one mission after another. David went on many missions after the incident at Ziklag. However, if he didn’t know what to do when he faced that crisis, it would have been his last.

When your mission is interrupted, it’s only a test. It was a performance test. David is not the only individual that has a performance review. At some point in your mission, you also will find yourself in the midst of a performance review when your mission is interrupted. When that happens, follow David’s example and go to God for directions.

You see the performance review is not to test how well you perform on your own; it tests how well you utilize the resources available to you. David utilized his resource well; he went to God with his problem. God answered and David followed the directions from God and recovered all. When your mission is interrupted, don’t get discouraged. Tap into your resources. It will allow you to pursue and recover so that you will be ready for the next mission because your mission is possible.

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