In Honor. . .

The first Monday in September is set aside to celebrate Labor Day. So many times, we celebrate the holiday without fully knowing what it means. Labor Day is set aside to recognize the achievements of American workers.  This Labor Day is different to those in the past. This year we have no choice but to recognize the new addition to the essential workers labor group. I’m talking about those who work in the areas of service where we buy foodstuff and other essential items; those who work delivering items and providing transportation; every job description in the hospitals, and so many more who gave selfless service. We salute you!

Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might;” That is the way you took care of us. When we consider the role you played in the pandemic; we want to recognize and honor you. You epitomize the essential worker! You placed the well being of those in the community above your own. We are aware that you have loved ones who begged you to stay at home and social distance from your place of employment; yet, you continued to the leave the safety your home, and put yourself at risk, to make sure there was food on our tables.

I pray we will never forget your essential service. We recognize how difficult it can be to work serving the community. Sometimes we were not as understanding as we could have been when you enforced the 6 feet rule while you checked us out at the supermarket or muttered under our breath when you told us we cannot buy that second bottle of bleach.  So forgive us. We salute you and may we never forget your incredible service. Happy Labor Day!

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  1. The song says only what we do for Christ will last. We will never forget those who put their lives on the line to make the rest of us safer. For this we honor and respect you. God never forgets your kindness.

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  2. Claudette Scott,
    Your writing ✍ is always on point. You allow the readers to visualize your thoughts and leaves us wanting MORE.
    GREAT 👍 👌 JOB

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