The Game Changer

There are times in life when you look at what’s happening o around you and feel hopeless. You desperately need a change but the experts tell you, it can’t be done. There is no hope for you. Who are you going to believe?#gamechanger #Jairusproblem #dontbeafraid #justhavefaith  #Mark536nlt #butisagamechanger #dontgiveup #change #onlybelieve #victorywalkscott

In Jairus’ dark moment, what he feared most became his reality. But Jesus intervened. Jesus can deliver the game changer in any situation in your life.


11 thoughts on “The Game Changer

  1. The game changer, I love this, God always comes in and #changethegame. This speaks for itself glory to God. Bless you pastor

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  2. When you been overlooked… #GameChanger shows up and puts you at the head of the pack! Ha!! Look at God!! 😀 #HeWillRestoreTheYears

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