Available for Service

That night Paul had a vision: A man from Macedonia in northern Greece was standing there, pleading with him, “Come over to Macedonia and help us!” Acts 16:9 NLT

There are times in life when people have difficulty understanding the importance of being led by the Spirit. They evaluate the options before them and they believe they know which path to take, especially when it involves doing the work of ministry. So Paul and Silas were still trying to get their bearings but everywhere they turned, they found a roadblock. In verse 6, they wanted to go to Asia, the Holy Spirit prevented them. In verse 7 He redirected their journey again. To the onlookers, this is the time to tell these men that it’s time to pack up and go home.

While they were wondering what they should do next, Paul had a vision. In the vision he saw a man asking for help. This time, the Holy Spirit did not put a roadblock in their way. They realized that their presence was needed in Macedonia. If they had entangled themselves with ministry where they wanted, they would be unavailable for service where God intended. So as people of faith, you submit yourselves to the Holy Spirit. Why? Humans think they know everything, but in reality, they are limited. God is all knowing and all powerful. If you need to follow someone, follow someone who knows the way and has the power and ability to bring change.

Thought for Today: The Holy Spirit make you available for service

Have a blessed day and walk in faith and victory

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