Standing Tall

But the Holy Spirit gave Stephen remarkable wisdom to answer them. His words were prompted by the Holy Spirit, and they could not refute what he said. So the Men Set Free conspired in secret to find those who would bring false accusations against Stephen and lie about him by saying, “We heard this man speak blasphemy against Moses and God.” Acts 6:10-11 TPT

Many problems in life begin this way: your success can be a problem for many people. Sometimes, you might not be successful but their perception shaped their reality. Stephen’s success was not a perception; he possessed wisdom that came from God. The religious Jews were upset because many of their associates were being converted; they even lost some of their Jewish priests.  Verse 8 says, Stephen, who was a man full of grace and supernatural power, performed many astonishing signs and wonders and mighty miracles among the people. As it happened, there were some men who wanted to have a discussion with Stephen; however, they had a problem with his wisdom.

When they recognized his superior wisdom, they sought to eliminate him. They concocted a plan to discredit him. Stephen was an honorable man and they were unable to find anything in his life that was unwholesome do they paid people to lie against him. It’s amazing how people will do unscrupulous things for money. When their lying words reached the ears of the religious Jews, they used the lying words as an opportunity to find fault with Stephen even thought they knew what the men were bribed.

This was not the first time in the Bible where people used lying tongues to discredit an innocent person. King Ahab wanted a piece of land but the man who owned it, refused to sell it to him. That made the king very sad. When his wife discovered his predicament, she arranged for the elders and town leaders to accuse Naboth of wrong doing. It worked; he was stoned to death and the king got the land he wanted. The same thing happened here; they lied and accused Stephen and he was stoned to death.  “His accusers, one by one, placed their outer garments at the feet of a young man named Saul of Tarsus. Acts 7:58.  While they stoned him, he prayed for the men who were stoning him. In his trial Stephen stood tall.

Thought for Today: Friend, it’s possible to love those who hurt you.

Have a blessed day and walk in faith and victory.

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