Remembering God’s Goodness

Remember, these instructions are a permanent law that you and your descendants must observe forever. When you enter the land the Lord has promised to give you, you will continue to observe this ceremony. Exodus 12:24-25 NLT

It’s always great to move to a new place especially when that move changes your life. You look forward to the move and the anticipation is high. You can’t sleep most nights because you are so excited about your next step. You are meditating on the benefits of your new location and you are basking in what lies ahead.

They were still in Egypt and Moses was preparing them for freedom. There was more to freedom than walking through the gates. God wanted them to remember this experience; He wanted them to remember the cost of their freedom. Freedom that comes easy is easily forgotten. God wanted His people to look back on this day for generations to come and give praise for the goodness of the Lord. God didn’t wait until they arrived in the Promised Land. He set up these permanent laws before they left Egypt. Exodus 27:21 says,“The lampstand will stand in the Tabernacle, in front of the inner curtain that shields the Ark of the Covenant. Aaron and his sons must keep the lamps burning in the Lord’s presence all night. This is a permanent law for the people of Israel, and it must be observed from generation to generation.”

God set up these statues so that they will know that their deliverance came from Him. It took a long time but it was finally God’s time to deliver them. God wanted to teach His people a valuable lesson. He wanted to instill gratefulness. Gratitude is a choice. Here, God said His action is something they must remember forever. In your own life, you should practice gratitude, first to God and then those around you. Your gratitude does not say anything about the other person. Your gratitude speaks about who you are.

Thought for Today: Friend, remember the wonderful things that God has done.

Have a blessed day and walk in faith and victory.

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