Overcome Your Challenge: I Did!

Challenges are part of life! There are no individuals on earth without a challenge. The people who live lavish lifestyles have challenges. They can buy what they want; live where they choose; and do whatever they please. When we hear the news that one of them took their own life because they could not overcome the challenge they faced, we are shocked.

I am no different from anyone else; I have my challenges also. Some are the same challenges you face; we need to feel successful in what we do. What happens when we are stuck and have no way to get out? What do you do when you have a problem and the resolution is outside of your skillset?

I had a similar experience like that in the last week. I did all the work on this blog. I set it up myself, but it took three weeks. So I have explored and designed it and I’m happy with the product. Yes, I might change the theme one day but not today. In 2021, I had a website created. I should have done more research, but I didn’t. Now I wanted to connect my books on Amazon to the website, so I decided to outsource the project. But, if you know me, I had to try to do it first. I have a level of confidence because I have been blogging since 2018. But there was the fear that I would wreck the site.

While I was working on the site, I accidently damaged the landing page. I was able to recover but I still believed that I needed someone with experience. However, I had to try one more time! So, Thursday I worked on it, but it just was not happening. Friday, I was there again working on it. I tried this and that with no success.

Then, something amazing happened, I figured out how to add the first paperback on the page. Finally, I was able to add every book on the Amazon Page. It didn’t stop there; I added the page on the footer and the link to that page. I’m not very technical but I did it

I usually do not share my life stories but, this tells us, me included, that we do not have to give up when life is challenging. We believe that the answer is always out of our control but if we press on, we will discover that the answer we seek is on the inside and if we push forward, we can get it done. Go out and overcome your challenge!

From Prison to Palace is about one young man who overcame his challenge. Get your copy today @ Ziklag Publishers.

Thought for Today: Friend, success comes only if you try.

Have a blessed day and walk in faith and victory.

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