Just Do It!

One of the struggles we go through in life is the challenge to do what is right. Many times, the choice seems easy but in reality, it is not. We live in a fallen world and as upright as we think we are, we have some desires at times that are not right. Then, we act on those desires. Now, I’m not talking about what we consider the big things that make the headlines, I’m talking about the things we do when others can’t see our motives.

Well, in those times, the Apostle James has a few words for us, So any person who knows what is right to do but does not do it, to him it is sin. (James 4:17 AMP). That is the last verse in chapter 4. It would have been great if he stopped at verse 16! But this verse if the thermostat of our moral temperature; it regulates our actions. These words are simple but the get right to the point: if you know better and you do what is not right, it is sin. When we apply this  to our lives, all we can  say is “ouch.”

The walk of faith takes backbone. There are so many things we are called to do that the natural man is not willing to do. Who wants to turn the other cheek? Nobody. But it’s in the Word of God as something we must do. Who wants to forgive seventy times seven? The old man living in us is ready to say, ‘Listen! I’ve had enough! You do that one more time!” The problem is you are only at number ten! You have sixty more to go to get to seventy. Now we can say “ouch” a little louder!

This is not something we can do on our own. It is something that takes prayer and time in the Word of God. If we allow the Holy Spirit to lead and daily commit our actions to the Lord, we will see success. Success is not perfection. Success means that your response was more Christlike today than it was yesterday. It means that you are growing in God.

Thought for Today: Friend, don’t give up; you can succeed.

Have a blessed day and walk in faith and victory.

1 thought on “Just Do It!

  1. This was a good read.
    This is what I think
    I’m glad he brings this up. It’s something that we all go through. I definitely agree with him that it takes faith and time in the Word of God to do what is right.
    Thanks, Ely Shemer

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