Justified by Faith

When we talk about Lent, we are talking about prayer, fasting, and giving; these are activities that we should pursue throughout the year.  For many, Lent is a time to refrain from things; some people give up types of food like animal products; some refrain from aspects of a meal like deserts; some give up … Continue reading Justified by Faith

Jesus Christ: Our Righteousness

In the Book of Genesis, we read the account of Adam and his time in the garden. We love to look at him and pretend that we would have behaved differently. We mistakenly believe that we would not have yielded to temptation and sin would not have entered into the world. The reality of the … Continue reading Jesus Christ: Our Righteousness

The Joy of Forgiveness

Last week, we looked at repentance in Psalm 51. The Bible tells us that all have sinned so that means that we all have the need to repent. When we have an issue with one another, it’s sometimes difficult for one to forgive another. In Psalm 32, David was happy because God forgives sin. Verse … Continue reading The Joy of Forgiveness

Giving? Do it God’s Way!

One of the activities that we focus on during Lent is doing good deeds. It does not mean that we do not care  for the poor and needy during other seasons of the year but during Lent, people purpose to do extra as it pertains to the needy. But is there a protocol in place … Continue reading Giving? Do it God’s Way!

Receive God’s Mercy

Have you ever had a moment of reflection when you couldn’t believe what you had done? You actions went against your beliefs and you were crushed. You asked yourself, again and again, “Did I really do that?” and was horrified that the answer remained the same, “Yes! You did it!” You wished that you can … Continue reading Receive God’s Mercy

A Season of Change

This week we are going to do something a little different.  When I was a child I was aware that there are people who actively participated in the Lenten season every year. I was never exposed to the season or its meaning but as you circle enlarges, you find yourself being exposed to new things. … Continue reading A Season of Change