Pray God’s Will

When we pray, we expect results, but we are not guaranteed results just because we prayed. We are guaranteed results when we pray with faith in God. When Jesus went to Nazareth, He did the same things He did in other areas, but Nazareth was His hometown, and they wondered where He got His wisdom … Continue reading Pray God’s Will

The Power of Persistent Prayer

The most heartbreaking issue in the life of a parent is sickness in the life of a child. There is a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness when we are unable to help our children in their season of pain and suffering. We would do all in our power to see that simile return to the … Continue reading The Power of Persistent Prayer

Strength through Prayer

Yesterday was Resurrection Sunday and churches all over the world celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As I sat and reflected on this weekend from Friday to Sunday, I asked myself, what is the one thing that you want to remember? As I thought about it, I remembered Luke 22:42-43: “Father, if you are willing, … Continue reading Strength through Prayer

Change Your Approach

When you interact with small children, you learn that they don’t stop to filter their mouths. Whatever they think; they speak. If they like you, you will know and if they don’t, you will know that too. As children get older, they learn that they cannot say everything that comes into their minds. So now … Continue reading Change Your Approach

Make Time to Pray

Today is the first Monday in Lent. I love the conversations that these posts generate in the people I know. The goal of this journey is to have a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father. So what are some things we can do to draw closer to God? In any relationship, communication is key; experts … Continue reading Make Time to Pray

Stay Focused

When you undertake a journey, most of the time, it’s a special time in your life. You selected a destination and determined what you would need to embark on this journey. You saved and made sacrifices so you and your family can enjoy this special time together. We are on this journey; there is anticipation … Continue reading Stay Focused