God For All Seasons

The month of September brings some bittersweet feelings in the hearts of people.  September is a signal that the summer is coming to an end. There are so many activities that can only be done in the summer when you live in the northeast of the United States.  September reminds me it’s time to bring in my indoor plants that enjoyed the warm outdoor weather.

Children hate September because the carefree days of July and August have ended. It’s time to get back to school. The last couple of months, they spent their time going to the pool, to the beach, visiting relatives and friends. There were back yard BBQs, water parks and lots of fun. The teachers were also experiencing their periods of adjustments; they also enjoyed some carefree days during the summer. They were not thinking of lesson plans, bulletin board schedules, assessment due dates or classroom setup. When September rolls in and the temperature begins to get cooler, change is in the air.

Just like in nature, we experience seasons in our lives. Some seasons are pleasant like spring and bring life into your lives. In your spring seasons, your plans flourish and prosper. You are amazed at what you are able to accomplish. It’s easy to understand what David said in Psalm 1:3, They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.” Life is great!

When summer follows spring, you look at yourself and wonder, could life get any better! You are in the sunshine season of your life. Everything is wonderful, and you are unstoppable. If you have to choose a scripture to describe your life it would be Proverbs 10:22, “The blessing of the Lord makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.”

But, the order dictates that fall follow summer. The change from summer to fall is not so welcoming. A visit to the doctor shows that there is an issue that needs further investigation. The family is not enjoying the peace and tranquility that was the norm in the spring and summer and you hate change. You look at the fall and you feel that God is slow in responding to your request and you long for the prosperity of the spring and summer.

Just as soon as you adjust to the fall season, you are plunged into the bitter cold of winter. The trees are naked, the air outside feels like it is intended  for frozen food, not for people walking the streets. You hang your head and you can’t hold back the tears. Plants that were adjusting to the fall are now dead and you are confused.

When you find yourself in the seasons of life, remember that God designed characteristics for every season. In every season of your life, He is God. It’s easy to understand why people love the spring and summer. But there is beauty in fall and winter.

Yes we enjoy the new beginnings that happen in the spring. The season of a second chances, the season of growth. The summer is exciting with the rate of growth. Everything is moving at great speed. It’s easy to enjoy. It’s easy to see God’s hand on your life.

When you enter the fall season, you are so blinded by the change, you miss the beauty of fall. You fail to see the trees with their leaves turning gold, yellow, red and brown. You miss the aroma of pumpkin pie and the taste of apple cider. You miss the cool evenings that allow for long walks.  Fall is a season to stop for a moment and appreciate who God is and what He has done.

Then winter rolls in, and all you see, is the end of everything. The plants are all dead. Snow covers the ground like a blanket after the winter storms. You cry because all you see is the death of your dreams and the death of your purpose. But while you are crying remember Psalm 30:5 says, “Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning”. During those cold winter months, the seeds are dormant, not dead. As the winter is making way for spring, the trees that were naked begin to bud; the seeds that were watered with the winter’s snow start to grow and change comes into your life.

Nature and people go through seasons. Some seasons bring joy while some bring pain. No matter what the season brings, embrace it because God is with you. He promised, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  He is your God in every season of your life

7 thoughts on “God For All Seasons

  1. Everything has its season, nothing last forever. Seasons come and go but God is forever; God is in control. Isn’t that awesome? 👏 This is a good one to end the week on.

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  2. It’s amazing how God promises never to leave us. No matter what season we are in, God is with us.
    My prayer is for God to give me the courage to handle the inevitable. The good and the bad.
    Well done again sister Scott

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