God: Our Protection

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Keep me safe, O God, for I have come to you for refuge. Psalm 16:1 NLT

Everyone has a list of things that are important to them. Children are concerned about play, food and friends. Adults have a different set of concerns. Parents are concerned about the wellbeing of their children and one thing that impacts their well-being, is safety. It does not matter what you have, if you cannot feel safe in your environment, you have a problem. And, as individuals become older, safety moves up to the top of the list.

So man has engineered gadgets to protect themselves. But what did King David do when he felt vulnerable? David went to God in prayer and asked God to keep him safe. You might be saying, “He was the king; he had an army at his disposal; why was he asking God for help?” Well David understood that people can deceive you. You might think that they are supportive and will stand with you. But when calamity strikes, you are on your own and exposed to the enemy. So David went to the one who can keep him safe.

God is a preserver. When the children of Israel were Egypt, they cried unto the Lord to deliver them. One day, God called Moses to lead His people out of slavery. They were skeptical at first because Moses grew up as the son of Pharaoh. However, they realized that Moses was the servant of God and so Moses was able to lead them out of Egypt. When they were on the other side of the Red Sea, God gave them His commands through Moses. Deuteronomy 6:24 says, “And the Lord our God commanded us to obey all these decrees and to fear him so he can continue to bless us and preserve our lives, as he has done to this day.” So God preserves those who obey and reverence Him.

When you are in need of help, you don’t go to just anybody. If you ask the strange on the street for help you might find the help you need, but more often than not, you can find yourself in greater danger. So you would go to someone whom you trust. David knew that he could trust his God. You see, he was captured by the enemy. He was alone and in fear for his life. He remembered how he felt in Psalm 56:3. He said, “But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you.” His past experiences taught him that he could trust in God. Since God does not change, you can trust Him also.

Thought for Today: Friend, God is a very present help in trouble.

Have a blessed day and walk in faith and victory.

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