Keep Your Promise to God!

 Pharaoh quickly summoned Moses and Aaron. “I have sinned against the Lord your God and against you,” he confessed.  “Forgive my sin, just this once, and plead with the Lord your God to take away this death from me.” Exodus 10:16-17 NLT

One thing I learned as a child is that not everything that glitters is gold. Many times, people are fooled by the glitter and neglect to run the test to see if the item is real. That is true of trading and it is also true when you interact with others. Everyone has a private agenda; they will tell you what you want to hear. It’s you job to sift through the facts to find the truth.

Moses was engaged in a dialog with Pharaoh. Moses went before Pharaoh time after time with the same request: he wanted Pharaoh to allow the Children of Israel to leave Egypt. Pharaoh had his own agenda and he refused. Moses was following the directions given by God so Pharaoh’s refusals, were not for Moses but for God. The more Pharaoh objected, the more calamity struck Egypt. But, that did not stop him. One day, after bluntly refusing to allow them to opportunity to go and worship God, God instructed Moses to lift up his hands, to bring on the locusts. Verse 15 says,” For the locusts covered the whole country and darkened the land. They devoured every plant in the fields and all the fruit on the trees that had survived the hailstorm. Not a single leaf was left on the trees and plants throughout the land of Egypt.” That was no small thing.

When Pharaoh saw the destruction in Egypt, he was horrified! He sent for Moses and Aaron because he wanted them to go before God to remove the plague. He spoke words with his mouth that his heart didn’t mean.  He didn’t care about how his actions displeased God; he was concerned about the locusts leaving Egypt. The men did what godly men do, they prayed to God on Pharaoh’s behalf and God answered their prayer. The locusts were removed but Pharaoh had no intention of complying with the request of Moses and Aaron.

Before we begin to shake our heads at Pharaoh, how many times have we been guilty of the same thing? We have a need in our lives and we go before God and cry and make promises to Him. We promised that we would change our wicked ways and walk in the ways of the Lord. We promised to remove our feet from the places that displease God. We make a lot of promises but when God answered our prayer, we forgot what we promised that we were going do. Let us keep it real; if we make a promise to God, let us work on keeping it, because God keeps His promises to us.

Thought for Today: Friend, keep your promise to God.

Have a blessed day and walk in faith and victory.

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