A Life that Pleases God

Trying to please people can be an impossible task. Aesop’s Fable:  The Man, the Boy and the  Donkey  illustrates this point. The man and his  son set out on a journey, and they were all walking. Someone said, “You fools, what is a donkey for but to ride upon?”  The man put his son on … Continue reading A Life that Pleases God

He’s with Us

We are social creatures; it is easy to see when children are young. Some of them will talk and play with every person that crosses their path. Then there are others who are very selective. They would play with you if they could hold on to someone they know. Some would wave at you, share … Continue reading He’s with Us

The Joy of Fellowship

Light is important in our lives.  The light of the sun is necessary for life here on the earth. We cannot exist without light. Plants need light to grow; that is important because plants are at the bottom of our food chain. Small fish eats plants and bigger fish eat those small fish. Humans eat … Continue reading The Joy of Fellowship

The Shepherd’s Voice

In all walks of life, people communicate with each other. These conversations are important in our lives. Parents talk to babies o they are able to acquire language. Families engage in conversations to determine which goals and dreams they should pursue. Children go to school and learn how to read and solve problems as they … Continue reading The Shepherd’s Voice