Push Out into the Deep

When he finished teaching, he said to Simon, “Push out into deep water and let your nets out for a catch.” Luke 5:4 NLT

Can you remember a time in your life when you worked diligently on a project and no matter how hard you tried, it seemed useless? Well Peter and his crew had an experience just like that. They were experienced fishermen, but that night they felt like amateurs. Now it was morning and they had nothing to show for their efforts. So they came to shore and were cleaning their nets. While working on their nets, Jesus came and asked Peter to use his boat as a pulpit.  Peter consented and when Jesus was finished teaching the people, He said, “Push out into deep water and let your nets out for a catch.”

Peter, the career fisherman, responded, “Master, we’ve been fishing hard all night and haven’t caught even a minnow. But if you say so, I’ll let out the nets.” Peter decided to trust Jesus and let out the nets. When he let out the nets, the catch was so huge that the nets began to break. He called his friends to come over and the two boats were over flowing with fish. Sometimes, when you are weary like Peter was, it can be difficult to jump into another task. If like Peter, you are struggling in your service, remain faithful and in due time, God will reward your efforts. At the right time, you will be able to push out into the deep and let out the nets for a catch.

Thought for Today: Let out the nets and prepare for a catch

Have a blessed day and walk in faith and victory.

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