Your Connections Matter

These four [warriors] were descended from the giant in Gath, and they fell by the hands of David and his servants.” 2 Samuel 21:22 AMP

Have you ever had to fight a battle that was way beyond your ability to succeed but you succeeded anyway? It is a wonderful feeling to conquer when you know that the victory was outside your ability, but God made the difference. Many believe that is the end of that battle; but what do you do if your enemy somehow, seems to have a life beyond your conquest? Do you ignore the threat or do you confront this issue head on?

David had a problem somewhat like that. He became a household name in Israel and beyond, when he slew Goliath but when Goliath died, was that the end of the Goliath’s threat? Well, Goliath was dead but his connections were still alive.  You see, Goliath had family members who wanted to avenge his death and restore the family’s standing among the Philistines. How were they going to do that? They wanted to kill David. It was not enough to defeat Israel in battle; restoration involved killing David.

In 2 Samuel 21, David, now the king in Israel, was at war against the Philistines. This was not modern day warfare when the leader of the land is shielded from the battlefield. In those days, the king led the troops in battle. The Philistine army wanted victory but Goliath’s family wanted David dead. So off they went into battle. In this season of conflict, after much fighting, in one of the battles, David grew tired; at that time, one of Goliath’s sons came to attack David, but one on the men on the battlefield defeated him. Every time the Philistine army went to war with Israel, one of Goliath’s family members, targeted David. Each time, they were defeated without David lifting a sword against them. Four different men from different connections in his life; defeated the enemy.

What do you do when you defeat the giant in your life? Celebrations are definitely in order. But many times, the giant is dead but his threat remains. Whereas, the battle with Goliath was a fight between two men; the follow-up attacks were directed at David but not neutralized by him. You see, when Goliath’s connections came after David, David’s connections fought those battles. Choose your connections carefully; they can determine the success of failure of a future battle.

Thought for Today: Friend, choose your connections carefully.

Have a blessed day and walk in faith and victory.

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