David Prayed

I can’t believe that we have entered the second week of Lent. It was easier than I anticipated. I thought it would be an uphill battle but I made it through this past week. There are always challenges but I chose to focus on my goal and not at the challenge in front of me. It’s not too late to choose a goal and work towards it during Lent.

So, as I’ve said before, the purpose of Lent is to deepen our prayer lives.  Sometimes, we are faced with difficult situations and we don’t know what to do. David had a problem just like that. He was the king and he was in crisis. His son, Absalom, wanted to dethrone him. Absalom didn’t muster an army and fought against his father; he started by sowing seeds of discord in the kingdom.

He began by manipulating the citizens when they had a dispute. He made it appear that his father, the king, was not concerned about their problems. As a result, he won the hearts of the people. Then, he conspired to overthrow his father.  Treason tends to engage followers and this case was no different; soon King David was running for his life.

The young man who so courageously slew Goliath was on the run as his son sought his life. I can only imagine how David must have felt at this time. It was the king’s right to defend his throne against anyone who tried to dethrone him; but it’s not so easy when the aggressor is your own son; it’s difficult to fight to the kill. As a father, even if he won, he lost.

When he thought that things couldn’t get any worse; it did. His trusted advisor joined the ranks of the opposition. 2 Samuel 15:31 NLT says,  When someone told David that his adviser Ahithophel was now backing Absalom, David prayed, “O Lord, let Ahithophel give Absalom foolish advice!” You see, David knew the power of Ahithophel’s advice. Absalom and Ahithophel were a deadly combination; but David prayed.

We all know that but is a game changer; David prayed and changed came into his life. He did not  complain and say, “After all the opportunities I gave to Ahithophel, this is how he repays me?” No, he changed his focus and went to God in prayer. David’s prayer was deliberate and specific; he targeted Ahitphophel’s advice. As a result, Absalom, rejected wisdom and took the advice of his friends. This allowed David’s troops to succeed because he rejected the wisdom of Ahitphophel. When you are in crisis, take some time and pray.

Thought for Today: Friend, prayer changes things.

Have a blessed day and walk in faith and victory.

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