The Shepherd’s Voice

In all walks of life, people communicate with each other. These conversations are important in our lives. Parents talk to babies o they are able to acquire language. Families engage in conversations to determine which goals and dreams they should pursue. Children go to school and learn how to read and solve problems as they listen to the words of their teachers.  Communication plays a vital role in our lives.

At some point during your walk of faith someone may ask, “How does God speak to you?”  Unfortunately, there are many who have no idea how to respond. The truth is there are a variety of ways that God ministers to His children. First, He uses his ministers to share the Word. When you hear the Word, God is speaking to you. Sometimes, you might need some emotional comfort and as you listen to the ministry of the Word, God would use those words to soothe your emotions and bring quiet to your storm.

Sometimes He speaks into your heart. John 10:27 NLT says, My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” Babies recognize the voices of their parents. Even before they can speak, they refuse to allow strangers to hold them. Those conversations with their care givers taught these babies the sound of the parents’ voice. If we take the time to listen, we would know the voice of the Father.

God will use the Word of God to clear up confusion in our lives. Sometimes, it’s in the wee hours of the morning or while we are going about our day when a verse will be deposited into our spirit. It could be to bring comfort, give direction or correction. One thing is certain; God will use that scripture to inform our lives. 

God’s desire is to have fellowship with His children. We see the same dynamics when families gather to celebrate special events. These gatherings form the culture of the family but in our human families, we have to manage those who come in and sow seeds of discord. In our fellowship with God, we have to manage the enemy of our souls. He desires to distract and disrupt our fellowship. So it’s important to know the voice of the Shepherd. When you know His voice, it’s easy to follow Him.

Thought for Today: Friend, it’s important to know the Shepherd’s voice.

Have a blessed day and walk in faith and victory.

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