Preparation For Success with Claudette & Don-Marie

Don Marie Banfield-Jones is the Vice President of the Consistory at Grace Reformed Church of Flatbush. She is an ordained Preaching Elder who is passionate about serving the Lord and serving others. Elder Banfield-Jones serves the members of her church but takes the time to serve the member of the community in the Soup Kitchen … Continue reading Preparation For Success with Claudette & Don-Marie

Your Mission Is Possible!

As unbelievable as it seems, seems 2019 is a memory. The year has come and gone and we are in a new year. People make resolutions and lots of plans to see positive results in their lives. Some plans go under the heading, “Mission: Impossible!” Others could be attainable with discipline and hard work. When … Continue reading Your Mission Is Possible!

Follow The GPS

Recently, I had to travel to another borough for my job. This required the use of GPS to get me from my home to my place of work. In the beginning, I followed the directions carefully because I had no idea where I was going. As I became familiar with the route, I would always … Continue reading Follow The GPS

An Attitude of Gratitude

Have you ever heard a statement and it made you stop and think?  Well, this statement, an attitude of gratitude would interrupt you. So what does it mean? Well, attitude is the way what you think influences what you do. Gratitude goes deeper than just being thankful; it involves appreciation and acknowledgement for kindness rendered. … Continue reading An Attitude of Gratitude

The Distracted Walk

Life! It can be so busy that if you are not careful, you would not even have time to sleep! This fast paced world makes so many demands on your life. The economic situation is no help either. When it comes to the finances in the home, it’s all hands on deck.  Now it’s the … Continue reading The Distracted Walk

Bittersweet: The Process of Change

Life is filled with so many moments and so many different circumstances. One would like to choose fantastic days and pleasant circumstances to fill one’s days. Unfortunately, that’s impossible. Life is like nature: sunshine and warmth followed by wind and rain; then the dreaded winter season: freezing cold, snow, sleet and ice. It’s easy to … Continue reading Bittersweet: The Process of Change