Help Someone: Help Yourself

At some point in life we have struggled with a burden. Some burdens are so difficult to carry that if you are not careful you can be crushed beneath the load; especially when you are carrying the load alone. What do you do when your burden has become too heavy for you to carry? In … Continue reading Help Someone: Help Yourself

Love: Our Identity

This is the fourth week of Advent and our focus is love. The dictionary tells us that love is a feeling of deep affection. But God’s love is deeper; it’s a love that seeks the well being of the beloved. God’s love for us, caused Him to send His son so that He could pay … Continue reading Love: Our Identity

God’s Perfect Peace

We have entered the second week of Advent and this week the focus is on peace. We all want and long for peace in our lives, in our community and in our country. When we say peace, what are we talking about? The dictionary tells us that peace is the freedom from civil disorder, the … Continue reading God’s Perfect Peace