The Walk

Friend of God

Just about everyone has somebody they admire. You read articles about the person; you listen to their interviews and follow their activities on social media. If given the opportunity, you would probably drop everything if it’s within your power to do so, and go to an event where you have the opportunity to meet that … Continue reading Friend of God

The Power of God’s Right Hand

It is not uncommon to hear people from every walk of life, refer to the individuals who work closely with them as their right hand. The Urban Dictionary defines right hand as a person you can count on through hard times and good times. They are there to support you and hold you up, not … Continue reading The Power of God’s Right Hand

On God’s Side

Nowadays, people are talking about war and everyone has an opinion. When a leader wants to attack another nation there must be meetings with his military leaders. They will plan out strategy, time lines and placement of troops, weapons and things of that sort.  Success depends on keeping all these discussions private. The US World … Continue reading On God’s Side

Trust Him

There are some people who are always working on a project.  Sometimes it seems that they can find a project where none exist. They are happiest when they collect all their materials and they are ready to work because most of the time, the people around them cannot see the finished product before it gets … Continue reading Trust Him

Fix Your Thoughts on Him

There are many stories about the good, old days. The days when you could buy groceries for twenty dollars and you would need someone to help to take your purchases home if you did not have a car;  stories about children playing in the yard without fear. Nowadays, if you spend twenty dollars in the … Continue reading Fix Your Thoughts on Him

Strength through Prayer

Yesterday was Resurrection Sunday and churches all over the world celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As I sat and reflected on this weekend from Friday to Sunday, I asked myself, what is the one thing that you want to remember? As I thought about it, I remembered Luke 22:42-43: “Father, if you are willing, … Continue reading Strength through Prayer

Jesus: Servant Leader

Holy Thursday!  And what a day it was! When you face the difficult moments in life, it’s always comforting to know that there are people with you to give you moral support. These people are not those whom you see occasionally but they are the ones who are connected to you. When Jesus was on … Continue reading Jesus: Servant Leader

Mary’s Act of Worship

So we are halfway through Holy Week. Good Friday and Easter are before us. Previously, Jesus was teaching the people but on this day He was at the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.  However, the religious Jews are moving ahead with their evil plan. They want to get rid of Him by any means … Continue reading Mary’s Act of Worship

Don’t Miss God’s Plan

I can’t believe that we are on the last leg of the Lenten journey. It seems that we began Lent just a short time ago. The experience has been successful as purpose has been realized in our lives; we can exit the season with a deeper relationship with God. Yesterday, we celebrated Palm Sunday and … Continue reading Don’t Miss God’s Plan